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Our Company:

ChinaEdu Corporation is one of the largest comprehensive education institutions in mainland China. While our primary business is to provide access to higher education through online degree program partnerships with leading universities in China, we also offer secondary education, supplementary online and offline education, as well as Chinese as a foreign language, to all age groups. We educate from cradle to grave staying close to our mission to create opportunities for Chinese students to receive quality comprehensive education at all levels. ChinaEdu has been Nasdaq-listed (Nasdaq:CEDU) since December 11, 2007. 

As of December 2010, through our long-term, contracted partnerships with 29 Chinese universities, including joint ventures with famous institutions such as Renmin University of China, East China University of Science and Technology,  Chongqing University, China Agriculture University and Beijing Language and Culture University, we had jointly provided college-level continuing education and distance learning programs to 400,000 degree-pursuing students, making us the largest online degree service provider both in terms of the number of institutions that we serve and the number of student enrollments. Our long-term exclusive partnerships generally have 10 to 50 years in contract and we are one of three national learning center operators approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education to conduct admissions, recruiting and examinations for distance learning degree programs.

In 2005, we entered into online education for K through 12 students. Our 101 Online School began operation in 1996 and is a clear market leader in China. We have a proprietary and comprehensive database covering all subjects and levels that include guided tutorials, supplemental studies, self-tests for the students as well as course material for teachers tailored to all major regions in China. Our 101 online tutoring program’s innovative platform also allows students and teachers to participate in a controlled yet interactive forum.

ChinaEdu also owns and operates three highly competitive, branded secondary schools. Among these, Jingzhou Middle School boasts a 300-year legacy and is well-known in China for its academic rigor and quality of education. Additionally, ChinaEdu International, a division of ChinaEdu is responsible for creating a bridge by which western Universities can enter China and Chinese students, wishing to realize dreams of overseas study in America and other countries, can be facilitated. The management team of ChinaEdu has spent over a decade building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with prestigious American universities. In fact, Ms. Julia Huang, founder, chief executive officer and chairman of ChinaEdu is herself a Columbia University graduate as well as a candidate interview ambassador for Columbia in China. ChinaEdu International successfully initiated and operates programs such as our American Ivy-league Pre-college Program (AIP) and our K-12 Elite Program. We also offer partnership programs (FEC and BCIT) with world renowned universities and high schools that support English language programs at over 20 secondary schools and 7 polytechnic and vocational schools in China.  

ChinaEdu operates under multiple brands and multiple websites. The following chart shows our brand names and key websites for each of our business segments. All of the websites can be easily launched from our corporate homepage at http://www.chinaedu.net. A description for each of our business lines can also be found at http://ir.chinaedu.net

Business Segment Brands Logos Websites
Online Degree Programs







Online Tutoring Programs







Private Primary and Secondary Schools










International Curriculum














 Our Opportunity:


The Chinese  education and training market is the largest in the world continues to grow rapidly. According to Enhancing China’s Competitiveness through Lifelong Learning, a study published by the World Bank in 2007, of China’s approximately 1.3 billion people, around 260 million are students enrolled in basic, secondary and higher education programs. However, when compared to mature markets such as the U.S., penetration of population with a higher education degree is far less.


Education spending in China is expected to continue to grow as demand for skilled labor increases and as a result, participation rates in the educational system continue to rise. According to China’s Eleventh Five-Year Plan for China’s Educational Reform and Development, the government has targeted a significant increase in the overall level of spending on education, which includes both public and private spending, to 4.0% of its gross domestic product, or GDP, by 2010, compared with 2.8% of GDP in 2005. The increase will help meet the growing demand for skilled labor and provide a catalyst for greater participation rates in the educational system. The growth in educational spending will likely be driven by several factors, including favorable demographic trends, growth in per capita and disposable income, limited supply and growing demand for post-secondary education, government initiatives, and an increasing emphasis on higher education as well as English proficiency as a means to increase China’s international competitiveness.